TeachMeWords is a simple app for learning word-based lessons.


TeachMeWords main target group are people who can’t read or are learning a foreign language. It’s based on sound and pictures/text. It’s similar to other flashcard apps like Anki.

These are the main advantages:


Example Lessons

Here are some example lessons that you can try out. Copy one of the apkg example lessons onto your phone and run TeachMeWords to import them.

Hangul.apkg A few lessons for learning the sound of Korean vowels.

deutsch-lektionen.apkg A few lessons on learning some German words. These lessons use audio and pictures (instead of text).

SightWords.apkg This one I created for my kindergarten aged son, to learn the sound of frequent English words like “they”, “with”, “were”, etc.

How to use


When you open the app, you will first be asked to import a apkg file. This apkg file needs to be placed somewhere on your Android device.

Import an apkg file


After you have imported your apkg file, you can choose a lesson.

Choose a lesson

Learn Modes

Now one can choose a learn mode.

Choose Learn Mode

Learn Mode

In the learn mode you can press on a card to hear how it is pronounced. Click on the arrow button to see more cards.

Learn Mode

Practice Mode

In practice mode you will hear a word (or letter) and then you need to choose from one of 4 options. It won’t continue to the next word until you have made the correct selection. After you have gone through all words in the lesson, the wrong answered words will be questioned again.

Practice Mode

Review Mode

The review mode is optional (and currently slightly hidden). You can find it by clicking on the hamburger menu on the lesson overview page. In the review mode you get to practice all lessons you have already gone through. It will start with the questions you answered wrong. The words don’t show up until the next day. This uses spaced-repetition, so it will ask words you already know less often.

Language support

TeachMeWords only comes with very little text as it’s made for people who can’t read. There are a few labels though to make things more clear and there is the option to localize those. Please contact the developer to request language support for your language. Currently there is a Chinese version that displays automatically on devices that have set the language to Chinese. See How to change the language in Android

Create Lessons

Lessons for TeachMeWords are created in Anki Desktop. Anki, like TeachMeWords, is a program used for spaced repetition, but more complicated to use for the end user. It’s useful though for creating the lessons, as Anki can package all data (including mp3’s and images) into an apkg file which can be imported by TeachMeWords.

  1. Download and install Anki Desktop.

  2. Click on the “Create Deck” button at the bottom. Then click on the deck to open it.

  3. Click on the “Add” item:

  4. This is how it should look like (minus the pronunciation field which is optional, see below):

  5. For the front field (the question) we add a sound file by either clicking on the clip icon or the record icon.

    The clip icon will allow us to attach a mp3 file from our computer (has to be mp3). You can also drag & drop your mp3 files.

    If we choose the record icon, we can immediately use our microphone to record a word and it will automatically save as an mp3 file.

    In either case, it will generate a code similar to this one: [sound:rec1521777153.mp3]

  6. The back field is for the answer options. You can insert a picture using the clip icon or write a text answer. Your image shouldn’t be bigger than 50kb, so that the apk file doesn’t get too big. The dimensions can be around 200x200px.

  7. The pronunciation field can be left empty in most cases. You would need to fill it out if you have another word you are using that sounds exactly the same. For example “there” and “their”:

    In order to add a pronunciation field, click on the “Fields” button and then click “Add” and write “pronunciation”.

  8. You can have several lessons in one apkg file. The lessons in TeachMeWords are created automatically based on the tags the program finds. Use the same tag for all the words that belong to the same lesson. You will be creating lessons with around 10 – 20 words. You should use a number for the lesson so that they get sorted accordingly. You can also add some text so that the student knows what it is about (if he can read). The lesson name goes into the field “tags”:

  9. Now you can export your lessons.

Export Lessons

In order to export your lessons which you created in Anki so that they can be imported into LearnWords, you need to go to “File” – “Export”.

Export format: Anki Deck Package (*.apkg)

Include: Choose the name of your Anki deck

Uncheck “Include scheduling information”

Check “Include media”

The easiest way to transfer a file form your computer to your Android device is using an USB cable. Another method is using Dropbox or Google Drive. Learn more here: https://support.google.com/nexus/answer/2840804?hl=en